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Hey, thanks for popping over. I'm James and Web Developer Leader and Lead UX Developer from Sittingbourne, Kent, UK. I like to think I'm a easy sort of character, with a passion for collaboration, quality, efficiency team work and sharing (not when it comes to Papa John's Pizza though).

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What do I know?

OK, so now you're thinking why hire me? Apart from my positive attitude to work and my easy going attitude I have a passion for what I do! Here's some things I know.


JavaScript OOP (Dojo MVC, jQuery), PHP OOP (CodeIgniter MVC and Laravel MVC), Java OOP (Spring and Struts), JSP, JSTL, MySQL, CSS(3), LESS, HTML(5), XHTML, XML, JSON

Project Management: (W)AGILE, EXtreme Programming, Continous Integration (Jenkins), Maven (Minifying on Build, Preprocessor compilation, build versions, Mojo plugins), Git/SVN (Bitbucket, Git Lab), APIs, Cross Browser compatibility (such as Browser Stack), Shrinkify, Responsive design

Netbeans (with Tomcat), Eclipse ISE (with JBoss), Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs, Spreadsheet, Drive. Photoshop CS2-Present, Illustrator, FTP Applications, XAMPP and LAMP based technologies, Amazon Web services, MS-SQL Server Express 2008, Microsoft SQL Management Studio (SSMS), Source Tree, Wordpress CMS, Joomla, Open Cart, Bootstrap 3

Web Development Leader

I've been leading a team of designers and developers from both a technical and pastoral standpoint, but I'm also a developer at heart and love to get my hands dirty. I've worked with a full developer stack using languages such as JavaScript (MVC driven frameworks), Java, JSP and PHP - sprinkled with the lovely HTML and CSS. Creating resuable and easy to operate applications is my passion and regularly consulating major publishing clients.

Lead Front Developer

Recently I've been hard at work with leading Dovetail's frontend 'new world' system, adhereing to code standards and best practice. Paving the way for Integration into old systems and giving client's walk throughs of how their web presence could be incorporated into our new way of thinking.

APIs and Web Services

During my time both commerically and educationally I've created some cool applications that consume various APIs such as Google, Yahoo, and Weather APIs. For a University project, the team and I envisoned that we do not build an application around a web service, so we created a 'syntax' reader which could plugin to our application to consume whatever data you'd like and visualising it using JavaScript Graphing technologies.


I have worked within the publishing industry for over 7 years as a Web Developer and Leader. Creating and maintaining 65+ ecommerce sites for clients such as Dennis and Haymarket Publishing. Also developing exciting new technologies for the company to use.


CMS Development

I've worked with Responsive designs and templates, Bootstrap Frameworks, jQuery and AJAX to create Responsive CMS Driven Sites for both the publishing industry and freelance projects. I have used both bespoke CMS' and open source such as Wordpress CMS


Web Management

As well as coding, I've managed several projects and staff. Managing workloads in terms of skill, problem identifying and solving from both a management and technical level, understanding needs. I have managed in both a commercial level and freelance environment.



I have created reporting Systems for 65 clients, using APIs and Databases to report behaviour. Using MySQL to overcome mammoth tasks with just a few joins and using my knowledge to populate automated testing applications for a commercial use.



Here's some of my work!

API Reporting Dashboard

Design and Development


Website Design

Avenir Consulting

Website Design

Reporting Centre

Website Design

Dovetail Know How

Website Design

Dovetail Advert

Graphic Design

Sentinel Design

Graphic Design

Web Service Tester

Web Development

Bishop Whitehead

Web Development


Web Maintenance

Dennis Publishing

Web Development, Design and Maintenance

Private Eye

Web Development


Here's some of my previous achievements

  • Lead Front End

    Dovetail Services

    Leading a department from a front end standpoint, creating Integration for Dovetail's legacy systems.

  • Elance

    Gaining a 5 Reputation

    I've worked with 19 clients with a 5* reputation (98% would recommend me). You can view my profile here

  • Analytics Dashboard

    For Dovetail services

    Google Analytics Dashboard (Using Google Analytics and Management API) for custom reporting for 65 clients (Built in PHP using AJAX, MySQL, jQuery and JavaScript Frameworks such as HighCharts).

  • Web Services GUI

    For Dovetail services

    Enabling users to interact with Dovetail's various APIs easily and rectifying issues with thousands of promotions on our bespoke source systems.

  • Improved Migration Process

    For Dovetail Services

    Creating an improved procedure within a major system migration process for the client's subscription site with an online turn-around of approximately £1.3m. This has been fully implemented and is built upon.

  • Automated Tester

    Immediate Media

    Building an Automated Testing Application with GUI (PHP, AJAX) for Immediate's BBC titles (Top Gear etc) to detect downtime and system failures on any 6 servers, running 24/7. This sends notifications of errors via email to selected staff.

  • Web Service Gui

    Dovetail Services

    Building and Designing a PHP Web Services Application to test product orders and subscription login calls with the functionality to refresh Dovetail's in-house Web Services Cache (APIs and Database). This also consumes the Web Service result (XML) and formats this for easy reading.

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